The Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA), Inc. is an organization of tour operators and allied members actively involved in the advocacy of responsible tourism. Founded on 12 June 1986, non-stock and non-profit organization. The membership includes travel agencies, hotel, resorts, transportation companies, handicraft stores, and other tourism-oriented establishments and association.


The Philippines leading inbound and domestic tourism association with global networks, actively contributing to national economic growth.


  • We forge national and global affiliations and alliances with tourism-related associations and organizations that enhance and promote domestic and inbound Philippine tourism.
  • Providing our members with dynamic and proactive education and training, product development, programs & fellowship, ways and means and networking in tourism, we work closely and cooperatively with our industry partners for the common good of Philippine Tourism.
  • We practice highest ethical standards and Corporate Social Responsibility and are advocates of responsible tourism.


  • Encourage and foster nationwide extensions;
  • To pursue an active role in product development (emerging Destinations);
  • To strive for international recognition and affiliations;
  • Upgrade industry knowledge through education /workshop;
  • Conduct national information campaign on relevant issues;
  • Develop active members though participation and Involvement in team-building activities;
  • Develop and update database;
  • To revise and amend the By-Laws to conform to the needs of the times.
  • Encourage sales mission;
  • To address needs and concerns of members in a timely manner;
  • Endeavour for financial sustainability.

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