The Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) is the largest association of registered tour operators together with allied members from various tourism sectors such as airlines, hotels, resorts, tourist transportation, and more focused in contributing to the growth of Philippine inbound and domestic tourism.

For the “Visit ASEAN@50: Golden Celebration Campaign”, PHILTOA’s official event will be the “Island Philippines Fun Caravans 2017”. The event will feature seven (7) caravan programs which will operate based on guaranteed departures. These caravan programs are interactive and participative. Participants are not   just simple observers but become a part of the program as they interact and immerse themselves with the local community. The Caravan Program is designed to provide flexibility in the choices of activities and accommodation in each destination,   based on the interest and affordability of the participants.  The fiesta atmosphere is always an integral feature in each of the destinations during welcome reception.


Visayan Charms   southern tagalog

 CARAGA   batanes

 Coron   bicol

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