Teaser bowling 2016


Game Format:   High Game Series (Total Pin Falls ) bowling tournament.

Participation Fee: Php 4,000.00 per Team


29 July 2016


Paeng’s Midtown Bowl – Robinsons Place Manila.
Registration: 1700H
Tournament starts at exactly 1730H

Elimination Round

  • The tournament is composed of 4 teams with 4 players per team
  • Each player will play 2 games (10 frames/game) during Elimination Round.
  • Total accumulated individual score per team will determine the top 2 teams to advance in the Final round.

Final Round

  • All team scores shall again start from scratch or zero.
  • Each player of the Top 2 teams will play 1 game (10 frames) on the final round.
  • Individual scores during the final round will be totaled to determine the final team score.
  • The team who gets the highest total score will be declared as team champion.
  • Team member with the highest individual score registered during the final round will be declared as Individual Champion.


  • In case of tie, the most number of strikes per team will be dubbed as winner.


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