PTM29 F-02A & F-02B Exhibitor Registration Form

This is a must registration for those who will be manning their registered exhibition space.

Main Exhibitor Entity/Company who has booked and paid for the exhibition space. The main exhibitor is the considered to be the official lessee of the exhibition space and will be accountable for payment, design , set up, management and whatever damages that maybe stipulated in the contract. The Facia board will be under the main exhibitor’s prerogative.
Co-Exhibitor Entity/Company joining/sharing in the exhibition space booked and registered.Only registered co-exhibitors are allowed to conduct marketing and selling activities. Prior approval of the main exhibitor is required.
Co-exhibitor is allowed only to have maximum of two delegates.
Main delegate Refers to the person-in-charge or head of the team manning the booth
Co-delegate Refers to the additional staff manning the booth. Please refer to the maximum allowable numbers of delegates per exhibition space unit.

No generic badges will be issued. No registration/No badge.
Please refer to tables 29A and 29B for schedule of registration fees and maximum allowable number of delegates per exhibition space.


Main Delegate
Name to appear in badge
Last Name
First Name
Name of Company (Name to appear in the Show Directory/Fascia Board)
Landline    Mobile No.
Fax       Email Address
Booth/Pavilion No.


Name to appear in the badge: (Family Name, Given Name, M.I, Company Designation)
1. Dela Cruz, Juan A. - Marketing Officer
2. Santos, Vicente C. - Marketing Officer
3. Rodriguez, Jose O. - Marketing Officer

Please refer to the table 29B for maximum allowable main and co-delegates per exhibition space


Name of Company (Name to appear in the Show Directory)
Business Address (Street/BarangayCity or Municipality/Province)
Landline    Mobile No.
Fax     Email Address
Booth/Pavilion No.
Main Delegate (Name to appear in badge)
Last Name First Name M.I
Co-Delegate (Name to appear in badge)
Last Name First Name M.I
Co-exhibitor is allowed to have maximum of two delegates.

Registration Fees/Entitlements:

Table 29A: Registration Fees

Main Exhibitor PHP 2,000.00
  - Co-Delegate PHP 100.00
Co-Exhibitor PHP 2,000.00
  - Co-Delegate PHP 100.00
- Exhibitor's Badge per registered delegate/co-delegate with access to the exhibition dates and hours;
- Conduct on site selling and marketing;
- Registered name of Entity's inclusion in the Show Directory and Event Souvenir Directory;
- Inclusion of Main delegates name in the Event Souvenir Directory

Table 29B: Co-Delegates

Exhibition Space Maximum Delegate
Main Exhibitor:
Pavilion 1 Main Delegate + 9 Co-Delegates
Island Pavilion 1 Main Delegate + 5 Co-Delegates
Super Prime 1 Main Delegate + 2 Co-Delegates
Prime 1 Main Delegate + 2 Co-Delegates
Regular 1 Main Delegate + 2 Co-Delegates
Retailer 1 Main Delegate + 1 Co-Delegate
Co-Exhibitors 1 Main Delegate + 1 Co-Delegate
Only allowed at Regular Pavilion and Island Pavilion.

Please note that only badged personnel are allowed to stay within the premises of exhibition space to conduct business.

Co-Exhibitor needs to register with their delegates to avail of the entitlements stated above and in able to conduct official business within the exhibition area. Conducting business within the exhibition area without any badge can be a ground for eviction in the premises. Only two badges are allowed. Registration fee is also at PHP 2,000.00 and PHP 100.00 for the co-delegate.