Event Brief: 

Showcase of ensemble singing talent of an original Filipino musical composition. The competition requires the rendition of an Obligatory Piece exclusively arranged for the event and a Choice piece.

Who can Participate?

Open to all school-recognized chorale whose members are bonafide students are currently enrolled.

Date of Competition:

High School Level – September 1, 2017
All-Male Chorale/All-Female Chorale/Mixed Chorale

College Level – September 3, 2017
Mixed Chorale

 Requirements/Date of Submission:

Requirements to qualify for the final round: Final Date of Submission 
  • Fully filled up online  registration form

(Date of registration will be the basis of “first come first served” basis for the eight finalists)

Only online registration will be accepted
  • Musical Piece of Choice piece (5 copies)
  • List of participants dully certified by the school’s registrar that all participants are bonafide students currently enrolled in the school
  • High Resolution School Logo
  • Group Picture
15 July 2017

Failure to submit the above requirements on or before the scheduled date is ground for cancellation of participation.


  • Rendition of one “Obligatory piece” (a cappella);
    Note: Musical piece to be provided by PHILTOA.
  • Rendition of one “Choice piece” with or without accompaniment. Choice piece must be an original Filipino song either contemporary or indigenous Filipino music (pre-Hispanic music). Five (5 ) copies of musical piece of the Choice Piece must be provided by the participating school;
  • Rendition of the Obligatory & Choice Pieces must not exceed 10 minutes from the time the participants assemble themselves on stage until the participants descend the stage;
  • Group must have a minimum of 16 to a maximum of 25 participants;
  • Please note the size of the stage: 12 m (length) x 4 m (depth);
  • Only a maximum of 8 participating schools will be allowed during the Final Competition. In the event that entries from schools exceed more than 8, an elimination round may be conducted at the discretion of the organizer.

Criteria for Judging:

Musicality and Interpretation 40%
Vocal Technique and Blending 40%
Stage Presentation 20%
Total 100%



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