Event Brief: 

A singing competition that requires solo interpretation of Kundiman songs. To maintain its true form, musical accompaniment is limited only to a guitar (to be provided by the participant)

Date of Competition (Time to be advised):

High School / College Level – September 2, 2017

Requirements/Date of Submission:

Requirements to qualify for the final round: Final Date of Submission 
  • Fully filled up online  registration form

(Date of registration will be the basis of “first come first served” basis for the eight finalists)

Only online registration will be accepted
  • Musical Piece of Choice piece (5 copies)
  • School Registrar certificate that the participant is a bonafide student currently enrolled in the school
  • High Resolution School Logo
  • Picture
15 July 2017

Failure to submit the above requirements on or before the scheduled date is ground for cancellation of participation.


  • Each performer shall render two (2) songs:
    • One (1) Obligatory Piece to be provided by the organizer.
    • One (1) Choice Piece of Kundiman song in any local dialect.
  • Rendition of the Obligatory Piece must be accompanied by a guitarist. Both guitar and guitarist must be provided by each participating school.
  • The performance should not exceed 8 minutes which include ascent and descent of the performers.
  • The contestants are required to wear Filipino-inspired attire.

Criteria for Judging:

Voice Quality 25%
Precision (pitch and rhythmic) 25%
Interpretation (musicality and expresiveness) 30%
Stage Presense 10%
Choice of Piece (difficulty) 10%
Total 100%



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