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About us
MISSION To “travel bright” by anchoring the company’s existence to clarity of purpose: making the most of human talent and potential through integrity and passion in what we do, creating for our student-participants fun-in-learning, travel-training experience that educates, inspires and drives personal and career goals. VISION To be the revolutionary provider of choice in delivering travel workshops and training events that inspire and build the human spirit. CORE VALUES Act with purpose Purpose is the big picture that connects us to the Ultimate Truth and our Ultimate Why. We believe that if we are rightfully anchored, everything else will follow. Give your best Passion powers and empowers us. We believe that the way to do great work is to love and find enjoyment in what we do, and be great while doing it. Solve it together Collaboration unites us. There is no hurdle so tough that we cannot tackle together. Working as a team, we harness the wisdom and energy of our team members. Grow (and have fun) together We develop professionally through expanding our capabilities with innovative training and fun working environment. Executional excellence We strive for brilliance– one person, one batch, one experience each and every day. Be a light The way to being our professional best is by first looking into our personal bests, letting one’s character shine through honesty and integrity. Pay it forward We value people, culture and natural environment and we believe in engaging in activities that promote empowerment of people and transformation of the community. Embrace the adventure When we give our students-participants the tools, skills and empowering environment to succeed, they flourish. When we give ourselves the same, we continue to be: driven, creative, persistent.
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Iris Abogado-Monsalve

U5C3 Grand Monaco Homes II, King Rudolf St., Kingspoint, Bagbag, Quezon City 1116






Quezon City

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Iris Abogado-Monsalve

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Ethan John A. Monsalve


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