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1. Regular Members – are duly licensed tour operators who are engaged in the business of booking, handling, assisting in all business and leisure tourism activities within the Philippines for both local and international tourists.

2. Allied Members – are hotels, resorts, inns, handicraft shops, restaurants, night clubs, tourists transport companies, airline companies, shipping companies, convention and exhibit organizers, tour guide associations, and other related entities duly licensed and / or any other government agency pertinent to travel industry operations.

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There are several reasons why you should join PHILTOA:

  • First, to know your competitors, their trends and plans for the current year.
  • Second, the greater majority of local travel industry suppliers are our allied members. Being PHILTOA’s allied member will give you an opportunity to know your buyers.
  • Third, information gathering is more accurate if you are a member. The data will help your group access your marketing plan. As a PHILTOA member, you can avail of the following benefits and privileges:

There are several reasons why you should join PHILTOA:

  • Endorsement when applying for DOT accreditation;
  • Attendance and participation in general membership meetings;
  • Participation in familiarization tours of existing and emerging domestic destination;
  • Participation in the annually-held Philippine Travel Mart and inclusion in the participant’s priority list;
  • Subsidy or free participation in education tour programs and seminars;
  • Opportunity to hold promotions and marketing presentations of your property during general membership meetings;
  • Voting privileges;
  • Hosted lunch during general membership meetings;
  • Opportunity to join the sales mission abroad;
  • Opportunity to join the tour consortium;
  • Recognition from DOT, PCVC, NAIA, International Tourism associations and other Philippine travel associations;


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